March 8 – Year of the Ox (Part 5: Putting Our Hopes into AI)

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“These are the characteristics of the rational soul: self-awareness, self-examination, and self-determination. It reaps its own harvest.. . . It succeeds in its own purpose . . .” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations CPAC and republican America is embracing nazi fascism symbology and ideology as they cling to Trump’s weathered pantlegs—[…]

March 7 – Year of the Ox (Epilogue: Part 4) The Legend of the Phoenix

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“All cruelty springs from weakness”, Seneca says. It’s been a tough year to champion China’s COVID response because Netizens have been bombarded with endless negative propaganda, often from conservative, far-right corners funded by the military-industrial complex. They say favourability levels are at all century low in the West, a country[…]

March 6 – Year of the Ox (Epilogue: Part 3) The Art of Living

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I’m finishing a book, walking around the buffet, but everyone’s waiting in lines, and I’ve got this empty plate … I just don’t feel the need for anything because I have enough already. “I’m hungry,” Shaolin says and finds the live shrimp tank with a weave basket in her hand.[…]

January 17: Space to Dream

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Day 352: As the year of the Rat winds down, many changes are afoot, and many opportunities await us if we meet the year of the Ox with hard work and methodology.

December 24 – The Gift

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Day 343 of my pandemic: From the frying pan into the fire, only to become Valyrian steel, Jorah reflects on a life well lived.