A correspondence out of time: Letters from the Edge

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So, I found a very challenging piece on Scribophile that wasn’t getting a lot of feedback, marked as Novel/Fiction, and decide to take the bait and critique and get into it. It’s a challenging piece alright, for a few reasons, and I really hope that Pure Blossom replies and continues[…]

Scene Structure: Outlining for Writing Success

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Hey fam, writing peeps in the future who may stumble across this article as they’re likely procrastinating working on their novel, or maybe, they’ve tucked aside some time for learning and planning and have come here in hopes of learning something. This is the first article on my blog that[…]

#NaNoWriMo2017 #NewBook #AmosGoesElsewhere

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  So – it’s a new year, another November and I’ve started a new fantasy book that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Time to put the pedal to the floor and get this one done! So happy to have my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) community to help[…]

Camp NaNoWriMo and the Tales of Elsehwere

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Wow! NaNoWriMo has blown my mind again. I’m a bit slow on the uptake but #NaNoWriMo is back, and it’s not just for my post-Halloween blues. April is now a Camp NaNoWriMo workshop. What is Camp NaNoWriMo? http://campnanowrimo.org/ describes it as ‘An idyllic writers retreat smack-dab in the middle of[…]

Co-Authoring, Writing Everyday, Lifelong Learning

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It’s a busy life. Every day I’m either teaching writing, reading about writing, reading or writing. When I relax, I’m studying a film for its writing or reading something to gain inspiration about someone else’s mastery of writing. Occasionally I let myself meditate and play the ukulele or piano, but[…]