This page is being developed but will be a catch-all place to list links to stories, books, collections where you can find my fiction, non-fiction, and everything that falls in between.

I’ll make a little list, by category, and hope to elaborate on it soon.


The Blackbird (Short Story, 2017)

Literary Fiction
Synopsis: Blackbird is a story about moving, healing, creating and destroying. A teacher copes with growing up, a bird lands dazed on his balcony, a family wrestles with ghosts of the past, and cultures rub against each other.

Where the Wicked Rest (Short Story, 2017)

Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy
Synopsis: When a Chinese college student goes missing abroad, no one seems to notice except her Chinese family and adopted father, Johnny Wicked, a foreign teacher with a mysterious past. They fly to Toronto to bring her home but the trail soon goes cold, with scant hope to recover her from the grasp of highly dangerous human traffickers. Johnny must embrace his complicated past to save her from a fate arguably worse than death.


Elsewhere (Novel, 2017)

Fantasy, Children’s Literature, Young Adult

Brief Synopsis: Ying Wei is a young boy from a rural village called Tongliang in the misty mountains of Sichuan China. He is inspired by the visit of a foreign teacher to day dream, but when he returns home from a nasty confrontation with cruel bullies he is devastated to find out from his Grandmother that his parents will not be returning this year from the city where they work to support the rural homestead. Crying, he runs off into the woods and becomes horribly lost, only to discover a world of dark magic and whimsy – a place that desperately needs his help to right itself after being led terribly astray by a man with a gift for words of power. Will he be strong enough to save the land, or will doing so save him?

Planet of the Gays (Novel, 2018)

Science Fiction, Comedy
When the rise of a fascist dictator takes over America and a breakthrough in sustainable space technology opens up new options, the Gays collectively advocate to abandon Earth and create a utopian paradise on Io. Without the colourful contributions of homosexuals Earth becomes a creatively barren and grey dystopia while Io flourishes into a technological and architectural marvel. And then Destiny brings them back together.

The Kindness of Idiots (Novel, 2019)

Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy

The Wisdom of Fools (Novel, 2020)

Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy

The Luck of the Dead (Novel, 2021)

Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy


Water Under the Fridge (Short Story Collection, 2018)

Non-Fiction, Memoir, Comedy
A humourous collection of short stories about a life spent frivolously, making enemies with the grace of a trained vaudevillain.

Amor Fati, illuminaughti, and the Legend of the Crystal Skull (Novel, 2020)

Non-Fiction, Memoir
A stout text, at 88 chapters this is the unabridged and unapologetic tale of a boy who fell from the frying pan into the fire and then managed to make something rather interesting of his circumstances thereafter.


Lobster Revolution (Collection, 2010, revisited, 2017)

A collection of absurdities and barbs towards a culture obsessed with pop culture and and pornography.

Hard to Kill (Collection, 2018)

26 stories about anonymous haters who tried to end the poet’s life.

Fathom Magazine

Published in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 editions (Canada).

The Liar

Published in the 2006 edition (Canada).

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