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“An emerging voice from the margins.”

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations (dreams), we fall to the level of our training.” ― Archilochus

Jorah Kai is a writer and teacher from Toronto, Canada, who currently lives in the cyberpunk supercity of Chongqing, China. He has previously published short stories and poems in literary journals ‘The Liar’ and ‘Fathom Magazine,’ but Kai’s Diary was his first full-length novel, published in 2020. His eclectic background as a dance music producer and touring DJ with bass music group The Root Sellers, Black Rock City existential detective and philosopher, and fire-breathing burlesque vaudeville clown offered many profound insights into the human condition before uprooting his life and moving to a city of 34 million people halfway across the planet.

Working as an English teacher since 2014 and editor to iChongqing, an English news desk for the 34 million person metropolis since 2018, he was the first Canadian journalist to report on the early Chinese outbreak and lockdown in 2020 and wrote a syndicated diary column for Chinese and Canadian (CTV News) audiences which was expanded and published in 2020 as the epistolary novel The Invisible War aka Kai’s Diary by New World Press in English and Chinese. Kai’s Diary is listed as an Amazon Bestseller for China Books and sold out of a limited run. A second English edition offers paperbacks in the Western world by Canadian publisher Royal Collins. His ongoing column, ‘Kai’s Diary,’ included guest posts by a dozen journalists across the planet documenting the first year of the pandemic and received awards from the Chongqing Journalists’ Association. Both the column and book were celebrated as providing critical health information and guidance during an emergency, and it was designated one of the top 10 foreign language books and 25 overall notable books published in China in 2020.

Believing that good news and hopeful optimism is as essential as gritty reality, he’s currently preparing to publish the first book in a ‘Solarpunk YA Fantasy series’ called Amos the Amazing, a paranormal/mythos thriller called Where the Wicked Rest, and working on other nonfiction books, Year of the Rat, Gutter Oil, and SOLARPUNK: The Optimist’s Guide to the Apocalypse.



Jorah Kai and his wife Xiaolin at The Bicycle Club in Brooklyn, NY (USA) at the Speakeasy Sessions.


“Although not a traditional authority of any kind Kai proved to be an essential source of sanity and safety during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. He truly is a warrior poet.” – Dylan Lane (ill Gates), bass music superstar

“A fantastic piece of writing. As a virus fanatic, I find this a fascinating and horrifying breakdown that is as gripping as the best mystery novel and scary as the worst-case apocalyptic sci-fi thriller. My curious hunger fuelled by burning interest and chilling horror cannot stop reading every word, turning every page.” – Rhett Morita, actor, director, and virus fanatic

“Jorah Kai is the canary in the coal mine. His notes from beyond the start of this pandemic should serve as a roadmap for how to survive what it looks like we are all, sadly, going to go through.” – Andrew ‘Myagi’ Mavor, legendary dance music producer

“Kai’s writing is very interesting. Both the setting, a dystopian (yet nonfiction) future, and how the western world is watching (it) and reacting poorly. I like the pollution decreases, the contemplation on who wins in things like this, and who loses. There’s a hysteria – meritable or not, but the insight is thought-provoking.” – Ky-Lee Hanson, Author, and Publisher, Golden Brick Road Publishing House

“Your writing is so lyrical, factual and heart-tugging all at the same time.” – Rebecca Lippiatt

“A gifted writer.”- Monika Brewster-Villiger

“Wow. No one ever writes this way. No one whose books I’ve read.” – Amber Lyn Mills

“Refreshing. You lifted my spirits. Reminds me of the first time I read Neuromancer.” – Jessie G.
“Such eloquent wording. Reading (you) out loud is an absolute pleasure.” – 大兵哥

“We’re not worthy; we’re not worthy! Your writing…is amazing.” – Amanda Blightly


“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.” – Hunter S. Thompson

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