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Hey Folks! Amazing to hear from you!

Hey Amos! What's the best materials for building forts? Also, Do tropical fish get to pick their colours?
From Jessie, 11

Hey Jessie! Great to hear from you. I think for building forts it really depends on where you are, but the short version is use whatever you have on hand. I've toured dwarven forts that use a combination of age-old mountain stone and adamantine. I've seen a library of magical books used to build an interlocking fortress of sentient books. When I'm home in Chongqing, I like to use couch cushions, pillows and blankets with badminton rackets as tent poles. If you're an avid reader you can use books to hold it up too, just be careful when you're switching books in there! Also, the question about tropical fish is great. I'll ask my teachers if they can teach me how to talk to fish and I'll ask them for you. They really are beautiful though, aren't they?
Best, Amos.
Have you started Amos's next adventure yet? From Janean, 13

Every day is an adventure, Janean. I'm learning lots of magick and getting into trouble. Looking forward to a holiday visit back to see my parents but a few of my friends have invited me to their places too - if I can get my parents to agree -- and some of thme live in pretty fantastical lands. I am keeping a diary so I don't forget the best of details. Can't wait to tell you all about it.
Your friend, Amos.
Hey Amos! Sorry for popping into your mind earlier when you were, monster. But Could you elaborate on your answer to "Just Write?" I want to be a writer when I grow up but my parents say it's not a real job. Thanks!
S, 12

Hi S!
Yeah... that was a super awkward time you caught me, but hey, it could technically have been worse. Just write isn't bad advice though. I've read books by doctors and lawyers, painters and poets, mail carriers and dentists. Writing is a real job, I mean, as much as 'real' is. Reality is a complicated field of study requiring several lifetimes to master. That said, you can definitely study fields adjacent to writing, such as Literature, Journalism, Education and Creative Writing. Join your school newspaper, write a journal every day. Write your own stories, comic books, and adventures and share them with friends and on safe spaces online, such as a'' blog, for example. In the end, every artistic field from painting to singing to writing stories is a bit complex in the sense your parents will revere what's on the TV or big screen but caution you that going into art is signing up for a difficult life of poverty. I don't think that's fair, at all, and a society without art would be a pretty boring, plain and uninspired place to live. Artists are a people's lifeblood and historians wrapped into one, aren't they? I'm sure you agree, S. At any rate I'm all fired up and need to relax. Just work steadily towards your goals because only you know what your true potential holds and never let anyone tell you you can't do what your heart cries you must do. Stay in school, and work hard every day. That's what I do!
Lots of love, Amos.
Hey Amos!
If your knees were on backward would you walk forward or backward? Would it be faster? -J, 14

Hi J, 
If your knees were on backward I'd would thing walking backward would indeed be very convenient and walking forward might be a little bit like wealking backward for you normally. You can try safely walking backward to get an idea what that is like: make sure your path is unobstructed though, as it's easy to fall over if you can't see where you're walking.
Your friend, Amos.
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Hey Amos!
As light from a star spreads out and weakens, do gaps form between the photons? -Corey, 16

Hey Corey, I found the answer to this one in a physics book. The light from a distance star indeed spreads out and weakens as it travels, but this just reduces the wave strength and does not introduce gaps. Good luck with your homework! I would feel remiss if I didn't mention it probably depends on what dimensions the light was travelling in though, I've heard whispers that this can make a difference in dimensions higher than 4. If your teachers aren't higher dimensional beings though, they probably want the text book answer.

Hey Amos!
Lava surfing. Can it be done by mankind?
- Bunny, 12

Hey Bunny! 
Wow. That's a fantastic question. I'll let you know as soon as I get the chance to try it, but my gut says YES but don't try this at home without the guidance and training of a top-notch wizard and the properly enchanted surf board. My teacher just walked by and said NO you certainly can not do this. I'll let you know, though.
Dear Amos,
Can one person significantly alter space and time? Also, what’s the best ingredients for yellow paint? 
Sasha, 19

Dear Sasha, I would say that every single one of us has unlimited potential, and do amazing things that no one else can even dream of, so yes, each of us can totally alter space and time in significant ways. I can't wait to see what you do.
Yellow paint is most easily made by mustard seeds but it will fade in time. It's the spiciest yellow paint I know though. You could try mixing it with dandelions or just squeezing Christmas together until they mix.
Your friend, Amos. 
“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” ...

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