#2017 #Inspiration: Talent is Overrated

I’ve picked up two great new audio books this week for my exercise and travel time double duty: Sapiens and Talent is Overrated. Sapiens was mentioned in a great podcast I ran into with Tim Ferriss at Google and Talent is Overrated was emailed as a blog link by my mom. Both look really exciting and I’m brimming with #2017inspiration.

Another gem came from the ancient Greek poet Archilochus that Tim mentions early in the Podcast. I’ve embedded my tweet of it here.

One thing I saw a lot of at the end of 2016 was hand wringing and blind hope that flipping to a new calendar year would be a magic upgrade from misery to ecstasy. I’m happy to have my lenses polished and be looking at this fresh slate as an opportunity to learn more, work harder and achieve more than I ever have before. I’m convinced that the amount of time I practice in my craft(s) will be the only determining factor to their quality. So I’m writing daily, practicing my Uke and piano daily and working to better myself mentally, physically, spiritually/emotionally every day. I’m an artist, I’m moody, sensitive, and can be difficult. But I’m really doing my best, and hope my friends out there can catch the new year optimism and translate that into the perspiration needed to affect really positive change.

Also pretty excited to be taking new Masterclasses with #1 best selling author James Patterson, Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin, signed up to complete some great writing classes at UBC and will continue my music education with Yousician and Ukelele Underground.

Let’s raise a glass for a new shot to be our best selves, and then let’s get down to work, because mastery begins 10 minutes at a time, and 10,000 hours will fly by before you know it.

1<3 JK

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