Amos Repels Goblin Attack On More Publishing

Breaking news: Goblins attacked More Publishing early this morning, infecting Amos the Amazing, both the ebook and the printed paperback, with a series of bizarre typos. Several hours passed before Amos, and his friends woke up and were able to lead a contingent of students from the Kronoswons AV club to the More Publishing house office, where the Goblins were staked out. Negotiations took place for the better part of two hours until finally, at 2:20 pm, the Goblins surrendered on the condition they would be taken to a ‘3 star+ buffet hotel lunch’ before facing charges of incorrigibility and illegibility.

An artist’s depiction of the goblin leader, now three plates into a bacon ‘nomelet buffet.

By 4:00 pm, more publishing head Garrett H. Jones had repaired the Amos manuscript, and the situation is reportedly well. If you have purchased a copy of Amos the Amazing. that has been damaged by Goblins; please send proof of purchase and a photo of the damage to Amos @ and More Publishing cobblers will repair your copy and issue a sinsmear rebuttal at the audacity of goblins in your name or for the charity of your choice.

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