Canada looks down the barrel of a decade-long recession as China’s GDP grows steadily in 2020

In the news today I read that #Canada will face a #DecadeOfRecession from the #pandemic, even as my city #Chongqing in China was able to #BounceBack & see 2.6% #GDPGrowth in 2020 so far. The west said they couldn’t do a #lockdown for the economy, but a lockdown saved our economy.

So if we couldn’t protect our people and the health of our most vulnerable to protect the economy, but in fact, we are dealing with a huge economic crisis because we didn’t contain the virus, what did we get right in the West?I’m not pro a particular country, but more disappointed in my home country for mucking it up so badly that I can’t see my family. I’m anti-dumb and pro-intelligent IMHO. It’s easy to attack my position as pro-China but what about New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia, South Korea, or Vietnam? Different countries (like Australia) took time to get it right, others (like S.K and Mongolia, and New Zealand) shut down right away and followed China and saw great success.

With pandemics, from the start, I’ve said you need a strong response and vigilant measures to contain it before it gets out of control. I saw this with my own eyes and reported it as truth. Now I have the figures to back it up– our GDP in my city (a city with the population of Canada) shows we bounced back from the pandemic and have recovered, businesses are doing well again, schools are safe.

We need wiggle room to keep the planet cool, don’t waste it fighting a piece of cloth on your face.

We had 576 cases in the initial wave, 6 fatalities. Later, we caught 20 or so cases in quarantine and none of them died. I’m proud of what we did and hope Canada can get it together sooner than later.

Don’t let COVIDIOTS kill your elderly, your immunocompromised, and your front line health care workers.

Don’t let COVIDIOTS ruin your economy any more than they already have.

Don’t let COVIDIOTS run amok spreading plagues.

Crack down on them and do it hard. In Indonesia, anti maskers are forced to dig graves for COVID victims. In Rwanda dicknosers and chinmaskers are rounded up for an all-night stadium educational movie night of “how to wear a mask properly you big dummy.” In India police hit them with sticks until they smarten up.

In Canada, we need to get tough on spreadnecks.

So get tough.

That’s my TED talk today, thanks for coming out. 🙂

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