Co-Authoring, Writing Everyday, Lifelong Learning

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It’s a busy life. Every day I’m either teaching writing, reading about writing, reading or writing. When I relax, I’m studying a film for its writing or reading something to gain inspiration about someone else’s mastery of writing. Occasionally I let myself meditate and play the ukulele or piano, but[…]

#2017 #Inspiration: Talent is Overrated

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I’ve picked up two great new audio books this week for my exercise and travel time double duty: Sapiens and Talent is Overrated. Sapiens was mentioned in a great podcast I ran into with Tim Ferriss at Google and Talent is Overrated was emailed as a blog link by my mom. Both[…]

The Festivus for the Rest Of Us – Black Door Santa Mixtape

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Video Streaming Version (China) A party mixtape of classic Black Xmas Anthems – Mixed in China. Biggups to all the producers, both sampled and remixed who made this possible. I’ve brought it back out again because, well, I can’t imagine how I’d do it again differently. I hope you can[…]

Where the Wicked Rest

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So my first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) worked out pretty well- I wrote a 200 page first draft in 20 days, for a thriller/supernatural novel called Where the Widked Rest. It’s got a lot of problems, but it’s a book. I think NaNoWriMo is an excellent way to push[…]