2020 closes out as a shameful reminder that the American public has the collective intelligence of a 6 year old. As much as we’d like to relegate the Coronavirus to being this year’s cultural blemish, it seems permanent damage has been done. COVID related deaths are not reserved exclusively for human beings.

“Death by Corona” reaches further into the cultural lexicon, claiming “Mom & Pop” shops, department store chains and entire industries. The political blame game was deafening. It toppled a presidency, leaving the country divided right down the middle. Human behavior followed in its typical mindless fashion, driving herds of people over one cliff or the other. Extremism, it would seem, is the order of the day.

Given the fact that binary thinking is the only type that is deemed acceptable, where do you stand? I am here to inform you that there IS NO MIDDLE GROUND. No matter what you say, half the country will hate you. Further, any attempt to think through a situation will earn you the derision of 100% of the population. You may be right, but… you didn’t choose THEIR side.

I have a musician friend who is essentially a social media bully to everyone. One day I dared to post something (on my page) he did not agree with. His multiple vitriolic diatribes made me laugh so I screen shotted them all together. I tagged him and answered the arguments.

This of course, resulted in a ceremonial unfriending, as well as an angry set of texts the next day. Let me say this. I am not about to apologize, still I have no enmity in my heart towards this person. I feel bad for the fact that society has us at each others’ throats, but… perspective.

Thank GOD he’s a drummer. Had he been a RAPPER, well you get the point.

No matter where we started at the beginning of this year, we are all several steps backwards in regards to the evolutionary chain. Pandemic aside, it’s been one great social experiment, where all the simple things that made life enjoyable have been CRIMINALIZED.

(Think about it: The Gym, The Movies, The Malls, Restaurants, Vacation, Holidays With Family & Friends… That’s pretty much the extent of my nerd ass list.)

Meanwhile look at the things that are being DE-CRIMINALIZED.Also, keep a close eye on the age of consent, as people now sweep child abuse cases under the “Q-Anon conspiracy” rug.

The examples could go on, but I’ve said enough: To either make you want to think a little, or unfriend me. Either way I don’t really give a damn anymore. My decades long experiment of trying to “wake people up” comes to an official close with 2020.

The art will be what it is, but don’t expect too many more explanations. I’ll happily write about technology, business, fitness or any number of interests; and lest you think it’s me being out of touch or old-fashioned, I’ll leave you with this:

This is not the 60’s. The empowerment you have been allowed to feel is not some counter-culture liberation movement. You are experiencing a deliberate, societal backslide on many levels.

How do I know?

The youth are not the ones making the decisions. Establishment money is dictating our every direction. You didn’t hear this from me.

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